Geographic Solutions Inc

Geographic Solutions, Inc

Cyberattack 2022: How One Incident Created a Country-Wide Ripple Effect July 2022 – Florida based software vendor Geographic Solutions Inc. suffered a major cyberattack, leaving tens of thousands across the country unable to file and receive their unemployment benefits and job-seeking assistance. Florida, Iowa, Tennessee, Louisiana, Washington D.C., and Nebraska were just some of the… Continue reading Geographic Solutions Inc

Cyberattacks Against Critical Infrastructure


Cyberattacks against Critical Infrastructure Are on the Rise. Here’s What You Should Know.  In August 2021, two rural wastewater plants in Maine were targeted by ransomware attacks. While both attacks were minor, with no serious threat to public safety or exposure of sensitive data, they did force office computers to be taken offline for a… Continue reading Cyberattacks Against Critical Infrastructure

K-12 Cyberattacks


K-12: How Vulnerable Is It when It Comes to Cyberattacks? We all want to think that when kids step into a school on a near-daily basis, they are protected in every way possible. However, their physical and emotional well-being are not the only aspects of safety that schools must consider. These days, with a large… Continue reading K-12 Cyberattacks