Comply with PCI DSS, protect your POS and web application systems, and safeguard your networking systems

Customers trust retailers with their financial data – one of the most sensitive and in-demand types of data on the dark web. As a retail company, you make a promise to your customers to protect their data, but can your current cybersecurity system keep up with the increasingly sophisticated methods employed by cyberattackers?

We Help Retail Companies Ensure the Safety of Every Transaction

Growing digital risks for retailers

As eCommerce sales continue to claim an increasingly large share of retailers’ profits, companies are now exposed to a larger number of threats.


of incidents of cyberattacks in the retail sector breached the safety of data


of retailers experience 50+ attacks
every single month


increase in web-server-related breaches over the last 5 years

Ensure CCPA, PCI DSS, and GDPR compliance

As a retailer, you must demonstrate compliance with a number of international, federal, and state regulations. Failure to comply will not only compromise the integrity of your customers’ data and damage your company’s reputation, but will also result in costly fines and potentially the termination of relations with your business partners.

However, regulatory compliance should not cripple your efficiency. It should be automated and provide insights into the health of your network. That’s where Gamma Defense comes in.

Protect your customer data with Gamma Defense

Retail has evolved into a complex system of POS devices, IoT networks, and web applications. Legacy cybersecurity systems are simply incapable of keeping up with the demands of a modern network. On top of that, cyberattackers’ use of such advanced technologies as machine learning and AI is on the rise.

We will unleash the full force of Gamma Defense solutions and services to protect every nook and cranny of your network. Our solutions will help your company create a powerful cybersecurity system, proactively monitor the health of your network and identify potential threats, and minimize response time in the event of an attack.


Cybersecurity Platform

Step into your command center that gives visibility and control to your entire network

Threat Detection & Response

Identify and neutralize potential cyber threats for maximum protection

Data Security

Protect your data and comply with privacy regulations

Vulnerability Scanning

Monitor and assess the health of your network and data security infrastructure

Network Security & Automation

Resilient network architecture that matches your security needs

Wireless Instrusion Protection

Monitor your wireless perimeter for the presence of unauthorized access points

Intelligent Disaster Recovery

Restore operations with an intelligent disaster recovery solution for local and cloud infrastructure


We will show you how to stay a step ahead of cyberattackers

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